• Image: Dept. of Defense

    The Medal

    Read “The Medal” by Ed dos Santos Jr., the story of the first Medal of Honor for an Army cyber warrior.

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  • Image: Steven Pressfield

    Between Fact and Fiction

    New books by John Le Carré and Stephen Pressfield walk a knife edge between fact and fiction.

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  • Image: Halowaypoint.com

    Halo: More Than A Game?

    For Alec Medén, Halo is inseparable from how he understands post-9/11 America and future war.

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  • 82nd Airborne prepare to drop from a USAF C-17

    Blitzkrieg Redux

    The next conflict’s winner will be determined how well a nation’s thinkers conceptualize future warfare.

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  • Image: Alex Brady / Laser Tank

    Warbot 1.0: The Death of Homer

    The Battle of Tarlac River in 2033 will go down in history. New fiction by Army officer Brian Michelson.

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  • Image: BBC

    Deighton’s Masterpieces

    Fans of The Man in the High Castle should check out Len Deighton’s SS-GB and other works.

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  • Image: NATO

    NATO’s Big Test? Fiction

    A new essay by Jeremy Shapiro renders the fictional demise of NATO in a realistic light.

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  • Image: Jason Hansa

    Fake News Has Its Place: In The Future

    Dispatches from the future are a useful world-building tool, writes August Cole.

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  • Image: NASA

    Fullerenes And The Future Of War

    When writing about the future, remember the power of less flashy but groundbreaking strides in science.

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