Supporting Veteran Artists

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“He was alone. His back was racked with guilt. His heart ached. He did not know who he was. Living hurt him. ‘Thank you for your service,’ they said. And then there was nothing.”

Through October 1, the Atlantic Council’s Millennium Leadership Program is seeking applications for its Veterans Take Point Fellowship. In its third year, the program continues with its mission to help give veterans a greater voice in the national security conversation and to bridge gaps between service members and civilians.

This includes support for education, transition, and entrepreneurial-focused initiatives like VetImpact and Service2School, and innovation communities such as Defense Entrepreneurs Forum and Team Rubicon. But, uniquely, it also includes support for the arts.

Army veteran and Take Point alumnus Dan Trusilo is working on his novel Patriots, which is excerpted above, with the support of a Thought Leadership program grant that he won in 2015. “Writing was always very cathartic for me but I never shared it with anybody,” he said. “I got support from people that I had never met before, and that support has been instrumental in helping my book become a reality.”

Last fall, the Take Point Initiative also worked with HillVets and the Telling Project to host an event on Capitol Hill titled “Capitil Telling” featuring veterans, including Trusilo, telling their stories to an audience of policy makers.

The Take Point Initiative was founded in 2014 and has since awarded $100,000 in grants to veteran nonprofit entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the country. In 2016, the program will support veteran leaders through $40,000 in grants, in addition to skills and network development through the Atlantic Council and key partners.

To participate in this program, apply by October 1. Learn more at: