Preparing for ‘Pure Risk’

Image: NOAA

Clearing landmines is one of the dirtiest, bloodiest and most enduring costs of war. Years, even decades after they were first sown, these deadly seeds continue to take life and limb all over the world. From Southeast Asia to Latin America to Western Europe, over 110 million purposefully laid mines and accidentally unexploded ordinance lie in wait like a demon in a mythical tomb.

French farmers accidentally getting blown up a century after the Great War is referenced by Major Jason Hansa (US Army) in his new, contest winning story “Pure Risk.” The story doesn’t focus on landmines, however, nor does it take place in the present. Major Hansa’s story was the winning entry in the recent Atlantic Council Art of the Future Project creative challenge that used crowd-sourced writing and art to explore the promise, and perils, associated with the game-changing technologies of the Defense Department’s “Third Offset Strategy.”

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