Story Series: The Fall of Heaven

NASA engine test at Stennis Space Center.

Space is a fog of debris, steel rain, and iron snow.  Unusable.  The Internet is gone.  Our Library of Alexandria, the container of all our knowledge, is dead.  In the aftermath of the war, past the trials and the armistice, the data reclamation project began in earnest.  The United Nations would buy servers, blogs, thumb drives, cached copies of web pages… whatever you could sell.  And people needed to sell.  The world ran on paper, again… this was true.  But it wouldn’t be true forever.

The Winter-Summer War ended 20 years ago.  The Winter Powers — the United States, Europe, India, Japan, and Turkey — fought a seven-year war with the Summer powers — China, Russia, Persia, Korea, and Brazil.  I aim to record that war in this project.

My name is Stephen Armitage and I am here to talk and to discuss the history of the world.  I have gone past thumb drives, mesh implants, servers, or bio-embedded drives to get the intimate details from only the most reliable of sources: People who lived it. This is the UN’s Oral Data Reclamation Project, and it first appeared in a serialized form at Art of Future Warfare project media partner War On The Rocks. Armitage’s entire collection of UNODRP reports are now included together for the first time in one place.

Episode 1: Red Guard

Episode 2: The Midway Fleet

Episode 3: Manifest Destiny

Episode 4: Moon Miners Daughter

Episode 5: Forlorn Hope

Supporting UNODRP field notes and documentation