Leathernecks 2.0

Alex Jessup - Helmet

The distance between today’s fighting forces and those of tomorrow’s conflicts gets quickly narrowed when you see Alex Jessup’s illustrations of future American soldiers and Marines. In his illustrations, small details hint at bigger shifts in technology and operations, like a next-generation night-vision system or a marksman’s intricately detailed muzzle brake on his futuristic weapon. Jessup kindly offered to share his work and it features in the gallery section of the Art of Future Warfare project website.

Alex Jessup - Helmet

His art will be familiar to gamers; Jessup works at Sledgehammer Games on the Call of Duty series. He is also a graduate of FZD School of Design, where he studied under Ben Mauro, whose work is also featured at the Art of Future Warfare project for Mauro’s work on Engines of Extinction with Chris Martin.


The  Art of Future Warfare project is currently exploring the role illustrations, graphic novels and other visual art for insight into the future of armed and social conflict. The project’s latest crowd-sourced contest seeks original graphic novel scenes and panels, illustrations and images depicting urban conflict and combat in one of the world’s growing number of megacities during the 2040s and 2050s.

Max Brooks, the best-selling author of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and the Harlem Hellfighters graphic novel, will help select the contest winner. See the contest details.