Paint It Yellow


The new art at the top of the Art of Future Warfare project’s website is the work of Doctrine Man, an illustrator who has turned his satirical crosshairs on the military of the future. No matter the technology of the day, some things will never change. And, as Doctrine Man points out, many of these truths of military life are quite funny on the path to trying to understand what the future of warfare will hold. Humor, like narrative, decodes the complex. It is highly effective at energizing conventional approaches to real-world problems because difficult truths are easier to discuss in the insightful moments after a laugh.

While Doctrine Man is an able illustrator, his writing is also worth reading for his advocacy of creativity within the military — particularly for those striving to become better writers. Stay tuned for more from Doctrine Man at the Art of Future Warfare project.

Doctrine Man (20 Jan 15)