Holiday Reading List


Recent research has found that when people spend money on experiences they tend to be happier with their purchases than when acquire a new “thing.” Books, particularly science fiction, occupy that special place at the intersection of the two. You can hold a book in your hand, offering the physical sensation of possessing something tangibly new. If the material is written well enough, you are rewarded with an experience that is uniquely a product of your own imagination working its way through the worlds built by the author or illustrator.

In this spirit, and inspired by the holiday reading list at Art of Future Warfare project media partner War On The Rocks, these titles are must-reads and great last-minute gifts for the creative-minded sci-fi and military aficionados on your holiday shopping list. If anything, they can be the books you resolve to read in 2015.

See the full list at War On The Rocks’ Art of War channel.