Overlooked Strategic Assets


The Art of Future Warfare project is excited to announce War On The Rocks as a media partner. The project’s writers will contribute regular pieces to the Art of War blog and feature War On The Rocks content on our home page. As well, the esteemed editorial community at War On The Rocks will be involved in the project’s war-art challenges. The following is written by project director August Cole:

At a pivotal moment when the U.S. national security establishment is coming to grips with the fact that the country may not be truly prepared for a messy and dangerous future, we are overlooking one of the most important assets in the American arsenal: artists.

The pace, structure, and arc of the 21st Century’s armed and social conflicts lack predictability and structure. Surprises are the new normal and it is only going to get more challenging as disruptive technologies proliferate. For big organizations like the Department of Defense, this future likely exceeds the current limits of budgetary and planning capabilities. The years ahead promise the kind of ambiguity and chaos that inspires artists.

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